Bond Releases

The procedure for the release of any bonds held that has been paid to the society is:

The residual bond is refunded after a final inspection by the Design Control Committee (more details about them under Committees tab). To obtain a final inspection you must provide a copy of the Council Code of Compliance Certificate plus and advice from a registered surveyor showing that the dwelling or structure is correctly located on the site. All of that documentation should be sent to:

Design Control Committee,
P O Box 340075,

Summary Steps for the Building Approval Process

  1. Submit Preliminary Design to Design Control Committee
  2. On receipt of the DCC response either proceed to Final Submission stage or resubmit with revisions as required.
  3. Submit plans and information for Final Design Submission
  4. On receipt of Final Design Approval apply for Local Authority Consents
  5. Upon set out submit a surveyor’s certificate confirming building set out and levels.
  6. On building and landscape completion including fencing if applicable, submit a Completion Inspection form to the Design Control Committee. This should include a Code of Compliance certificate.
  7. The Design Control Committee will issue an Acceptance and initiate refund of the Deposit.

Preliminary Checklist [28 Kb]

Final Design Checklist [32 Kb]
DCC Final Design Checklist

Completion Inspection Form [26 Kb]

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